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  • In-depth analysis of your website with overall recommendations on optimisation.
  • Marketing recommendations. Based on our analysis, our experienced creative team can provide marketing suggestions that will allow you to enhance visibility and increase engagement.
  • A monthly report that includes website security scans, SEO recommendations, and user interface improvements.
  • A professional website score derived from (code + functionalities) technical, design, usability and security scores.
  • A comprehensive and descriptive list of all issues and areas of improvement.
  • A graphic badge that can be added to your website indicating your use of this service.

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A complete table of contents:

1. Introduction

1.1 Methodologies

We believe in the power of creativity and innovation, allowing our extensive experience in developing web applications to drive our work and creating a truly unique service for your website. In this section we describe our philosophy and how our experience will work to enhance your website.

1.2 Researchers

In this section we introduce our team of researchers responsible for testing and analyzing your website. While our work is based online, we understand that it is the people who use your website that matter and by understanding the people involved in the work we are able to provide the highest level of service.

1.3 Scores

Apart from providing a broad depiction of website characteristics we prepare a score-based review (1-100) to help you build a clearer picture of your website’s overall performance. This score can be displayed as a badge on each page of your website.

2. Test 1: Usability

The usability test analyses the structure of your website as well as the content as it relates to user experience. The goal of this test is simple: Can your visitors find what they’re looking for?

2.1 Navigation

Intuitive navigation is a key feature of any successful website. This test analyses the pathways on your website by reviewing all relevant links leading to individual sub-pages. How easy is it to browse your website?

2.2 Homepage Structure

Our researches will not only analyse the technical structure of your homepage but will also review the aesthetics and overall layout. Is your homepage built to attract visitors?

2.3 Quality of Content

Imagery and language interplay in key ways that determine the memorability of your content. The way you market each page to your audience will determine your success. Is your content tailored to your audience?

2.4 Design

To be successful, galleries, tables, widgets and other website components must work cooperatively as part of an overall template. Additionally, font style and size as well as color must be carefully considered. Page positioning is also a key component of design. Was your website developed with these factors in mind?

2.5 Interaction

Whether your website is as simple as a blog or as complex as an e-commerce application, the ability to be interactive is crucial to engage visitors. Just like a sports car, your website should look great and run even better. Is your website dynamic?

2.6 Mobile-Friendly Test

In today’s world of desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices, your website needs to be responsive and display cleanly across devices. We test multiple devices as well as run simulations to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Will your website pass the iPhone 7 and Galaxy s8 test?

2.7 Related Content Linking

The longer a visitor remains on your site the better. Relevant and relatable content presented in a clear and functional manner is crucial. Content should be broken into relevant sections that display related articles, information or products. Does your content engage users?

2.8 Trust and Credibility

Internet services and websites make it easy for us to pay bills, shop, make reservations and even work. However, how do we know which sites are trustworthy and which should be avoided? Building a strong online presence with SEO and a professional display will build credibility. Does your website inspire confidence?

2.9 Page Speed

Too much buffering and loading can deter visitors from returning to your website and will likely cause them to find what they’re looking for elsewhere. Our website performance test will show you ways to improve the efficiency of your website to maximize speed. As industry experts, we have a broad knowledge of techniques that can increase webpage response time to as few as 200ms. How fast can your website be?

2.10 Cross Browser Optimisation

Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera – these are currently the most popular browsers and each have multiple versions and display content differently. We test your pages with the most popular browsers and multiple settings to ensure usability. Have you ever wondered if your website works on all of them?

2.11 Usability Score

Our final test calculates an average score based on each level of analysis and provides a snapshot to grade your website’s overall usability.

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

In this test we analyse the structure of your website as well as the content to determine search engine visibility. Images, links and keywords are recommended to increase visibility and move your website to the top of search results. What changes need to be applied in order to route more visitors to your website?

3.1 Markup Validation

Even if your website displays properly in all available web browsers it does not necessarily mean the HTML code behind it follows the rules. Why does this matter? Search engines like Google validate websites against coding standards and their systems “prefer” valid pages over those containing markup errors. These unseen errors can drastically affect your website’s position in search results. Does your HTML code meet standards?

3.2 New/Existing Keyword Research

In the global online marketplace the competition for search engine positioning is of paramount importance. Reaching more visitors by moving up in their search results will allow your ideas, services or products to be easily found and drive more people to your website. We help our clients evaluate the relevance of their existing keywords as it pertains to their business and find better, less competitive keywords that will route more visitors to their website. Would you like to increase your website traffic from organic search?

3.3 Keyword Density

Once relevant keywords have been chosen they must be integrated with the content on your website. It’s important to use keywords appropriately and organically to ensure search engines move your website up in their rankings. If keywords are used inappropriately (i.e. in a list or bunched together) search engines can flag your website and ban it from its results. Is your content written with SEO in mind?

3.4 Metadata Accuracy

Metadata is how search engines communicate with your website. You are advertising your website to search engines and it’s important to promote your website in a clever way to convince these search engines that your content is relevant and unique. Does your meta content correspond with other parts of your website?

3.5 Tag Density

Your website consists of HTML tags, such as DIV, P or H1. A well-composed markup should consist of various elements because their meaning for search engines matters. For example, H1 and H2 tags are both used to denote titles/headers, but H1 is considered a top header and therefore more important than H2. Search engines promote websites with a rich HTML markup. How do search engines see your website?

3.6 Image Attributes

Search engines consider images to be just as important as text in determining how your website is ranked. However, search engines cannot see images so they look for tags that are written into the code on your website that indicate what each image is showing. Did you know that images optimised for SEO can improve your position in Google by up to 30%?

3.7 Internal and External Links

Linking has always been one of the most popular and effective methods of SEO. However, not all links are created equal. Today, search engine robots analyse multiple aspects of link structure, such as link title, position, density and the overall number of links on each page. Are your links added correctly?

3.8 Social Media Analysis

Social media platforms have become one of the strongest indicators of popularity of people, brands, institutions and websites. Search engines now take social media mentions and engagement into account. If your website is often mentioned on Facebook or other platforms it will also become popular in Google search results. Is your current social media presence helping you grow?

3.9 Top Competitors

If you don’t know what your competitors are doing to improve their online presence you’re only inhibiting your own ability to grow. It’s crucial to not only understand who your competitors are but what they’re doing to promote their brand online. Our researchers will prepare a competitive analysis with a focus on their SEO. Would you like to know how many visitors your competitors steal from you…and how to get them back?

3.10 SEO Score

Our final test calculates an average score based on each level of analysis and provides a snapshot to grade your website’s overall SEO performance.

4. Security Test

4.1 Network Protection

If you’re not using any form of network protection, the data from your website is vulnerable. Customer information as well as proprietary business data can be stolen without the proper security firewalls. Are your SSL certificates strong enough? Does your server have all ports secured?

4.2 Malware Detection

If your website has been running unprotected there is a strong possibility that hackers have already installed malware on your website and you aren’t even aware of it. Malware runs in the background and collects data that can be used to send spam emails or compile sensitive customer information. We use cutting edge software that scans your website for malware and detects code added by hackers in files and databases. Would you like to know if your website is safe?

4.3 Software Status

No matter what software your website uses, it is important to ensure it is regularly updated. Unsecure code in your software can leave your system vulnerable to hackers. Is your website up to date with all security patches?

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